Commonality works with any existing JavaScript project and all package managers.

Supported package managers:

System requirements:

  • Node.js 18.17 or later.

  • macOS, Windows, and Linux are supported.

Install globally

A global installation of Commonality will automatically detect the structure of your project based on the directory that the command is run in.

npm install commonality --global

After installation, navigate to any JavaScript project and start Commonality Studio.

commonality studio

Install in your project

If you’re collaborating with others on the same project or if you’re planning on running Commonality in CI you may want to add commonality as a dev dependency at the root of your project.

npm install commonality --save-dev

Your global installation of Commonality will continue to work in other projects. However, if Commonality is installed locally in a project, the local installation will always take precedence over the global one.